Nicholas Pung

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Productivity Hub | Case Study

November 01, 2020

After creating bits and pieces of productivity tools I used in separate applications, I wanted to consolidate them into one big application to understand how to maintain a project that is ongoing in a production environment. So finally, I embarked on creating the application I will maintain throughout my life for personal use.

Distraction Free | Case Study

July 14, 2020

I spent a lot of time distracting myself by looking at Reddit for certain posts. Because of how much time I spend with that on my time, I set out to create an application that would minimize that urge, while also learning new technologies. Although this application would have been extremely easy using React, I decided to use different technologies and make the scope of the project bigger to learn. In doing so, I learned the basics of working with Vue, Auth0, and using a Cron scheduler.

MD Writer | Case Study

May 20, 2020

Inspired by Derek Sivers, I decided to create a lightweight text editor that rendered markdown while you write that would only rely on your OS. I chose markdown because even if it becomes unsupported, there's little difference between .txt files and .md files. I chose Electron because it would be a different technology I hadn't learned yet, and also because I didn't want to waste extra time learning a different programming language to build a desktop application.

Your Toolbox | Case Study

April 20, 2020

I had been using Habitica as my habit tracker for quite some time, but I got sick of the extra pop-ups and gaming aspects of the application as I didn't use those features. When I decided to pursue programming, one of my goals was to build applications that I would use for myself, and re-building a Habitica clone that only had the features I would use was a great start.